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Talk With Me (a Leading Career Coach) for Free

Hi, I'm Luke. I believe in transparency, so I'm going to tell you up front that the goal of this letter is ultimately to sell you services, but only if, after reviewing your resume, I truly think my team and I can help you. You see, it's very important to me that everyone we work with can actually benefit from our services. Otherwise, I wouldn't be in business long.

I make it a point to get on the phone with all potential resume writing clients personally for at least 15 minutes to take a look at their resumes, point out any major issues, and discuss what's best for them. If I don't think I can help you, then you walk away with 15 minutes of free advice from a leading career expert and I've had the opportunity to meet a new person. If I think I can help you with your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letters, or something else, I'll let you know and we'll clearly walk through all prices. There aren't any surprises when working with me. Refreshing, yeah?

A little more about me...

I've been reviewing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles for years. That's my mug below...

So let's talk. It could be one of the best 15-minute conversations you've ever had.

  • I graduated from Yale. I also studied at Cambridge University, Yale Law School, Yale School of Management, and Peking University.
  • As the CEO of two companies, I've hired and decided not to hire 100s of people. I know exactly what employers are looking for.
  • I helped teach job skills to Yale MBA students. Pretty cool, right?
I Want to Talk
P.S.: Skipping this opportunity would be crazy. But, if you did, you'd just be hurting yourself. The issues I'm going to try to find on your resume could be issues that are costing you interviews—or worse, your dream job or a job with a substantial raise.
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